big pulp



Online since 2008 and in print since 2010, Big Pulp publishes an eclectic mix of genre fiction and poetry from some of the best writers in the small press world. We specialize in work that is literate, engaging, thought-provoking, and fun, and we're not afraid to puncture genre tropes or ignore them altogether.

Every issue of Big Pulp is different—cynical and a bit snarky, but also puckish and optimistic, with the light leavening the dark.

If you love one, you'll love them all.


Big Pulp: Catskin
Summer 2013


Big Pulp: A Question of Storage
Spring 2013

lot's crawlers

Big Pulp: Lot's Crawlers
Winter 2012

we honor those who serve

Big Pulp: We Honor Those Who Serve
Fall 2012


Big Pulp: The Purloined Pearl
Summer 2012

biggin hill

Big Pulp: The Biggin Hill Duel
Spring 2012


Big Pulp: Interrogate My Heart Instead
Winter 2011


Big Pulp: On the Road From Galilee
Fall 2011

ted bundy

Big Pulp: Ted Bundy's Beetle
Winter 2010