black chaos ii



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Black Chaos II:
More Tales of the Zombie

Black Chaos II: More Tales of the Zombie
208 pages
ISBN: 098968122X

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Black Chaos comes again in 25 MORE frightful—and frightfully funny—tales of the zombie, from the wilds of 19th century Canada to the farthest edge of the galaxy, and from college dorms to Wal-Mart.

"We Always Get Our Man" by R.A. Williamson
"Shackles of Death" by Thomas Canfield
"When It’s Not Love, It’s Hate" by Dawn Wilson
"Sweet Bird of Death" by Gary Ives
"Cold, Lifeless Fingers" by James Dorr
"Dave Vs. the Zombie Apocalypse" by Angel Luis Colón
"Zombees" by Gabriel Valjan
"In the Storm They Came" by Sean Ealy
"The Zombie’s Lament" by Steven E. Belanger
"Daddy’s Home" by Bo Balder
"The Dead of Summer" by Wayne Laufert
"White Light, White Heat" by W.P. Johnson
"My Mother-in-Law is a Zombie" by Anna Sykora
"Memories" by Nu Yang
"Lucky 43" by Joriah Wood
"In Reynolds" by J. Boone Dryden
"American Refugees" by D. Jason Cooper
"The Not Tom" by Ian Welke
"Inhuman Resources" by Brenda Kezar
"The Zombie Mike Christmas Special" by Terry Alexander
"Bitter Inheritance" by Jason S. Ridler
"The Last Circus" by DeAnna Knippling
"In the Age of Resurrection" by Deborah Walker
"Dead Moon" by Jim Cort
"Newsfeed Zombies" by Aislinn Batstone