way out west



way out west

The Kennedy Curse

The Kennedy Curse
212 pages
ISBN: 0989681203

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Cholera. Plane Crashes. Assassinations. Lobotomies. Crib Death. Suicide. Sex Addiction. Miscarriages. Mental Illness. Drug Abuse. Car Wrecks. Cancer. With a family history like that, you'd think they were cursed. The American Camelot meets Grand Guignol in The Kennedy Curse!

"The Curse of Brian Boru" by Terrie Leigh Relf
"A Bullet's All It Takes" by Terrence McCauley
"The Winners" by E.F. Schraeder
"Rosemary's Lobotomy" by James F.W. Rowe
"Canvassing the Vote" by John Hayes
"Goin' to the Moon" by James F.W. Rowe
"Two Brothers Fighting" by Jack Horne
"Marilyn's Vows" by Patricia Bruce
"A Lonely Actress" by Jack Horne
"Out of Frame" by Jarrid Deaton
"Camelot" by James Penha
"A Patsy?" by Jack Horne
"Hannah's Darling" by Anna Sykora
"Holy Day" by Liz Dolan
"Ode to O's Clothes" by Sarah Delap U
"The Night Kennedy Got Shot" by Atar Hadari
"Salute" by James F.W. Rowe
"Bobby's Close Shave" by Harri B. Cradoc
"Fathers, Sons, Ghosts, Guns" by Gary Cahill
"Cuckold" by John Hayes
"Boiler Room Girl" by R.J. Spears
"No More War Redux" by Walter Giersbach
"Debts of the Father" by Zoe McAuley
"The Plutocrat" by John Hayes
"Body Dump" by Mike Sharlow
"How the Mighty Have Fallen" by Raymond Gallucci
"Last Will of Little Rosie" by Paul Lorello
"Accidents Happen" by Nick Andreychuk
"Non Compos Mentis" by A.A. Garrison
"KC" by L.L. Hill
"Mountain of God" by Tim Lieder
"Camelont, Mariner Year 1962" by John Grey
"The Cuban Exile Crisis" by Tony Laplume
"The Cost of Freedom" by Milo James Fowler
"The Kennedy Tour" by R.H. Blackburn