In Thirst, romance meets fantasy…and science fiction and mystery and horror.

You won’t find the typical romance fiction tropes—no heaving bosoms or torn bodices, no wilting wallflowers waiting for love to complete them. Instead, you’ll meet characters driven by purpose, a need they must fill, a thirst they’ll do anything to slake.

Thirst is about desire of all kinds—for love, sex, fame, money, power, acceptance, beauty, and connection. Thirst is about passion, and obsession. It’s about hunger, jealousy, need. It’s about doing what you must to get what you want. It’s about heartache. It’s about lying and cheating, deception and betrayal, sin and redemption.

And sometimes…yes, sometimes, it’s even about Love.

Indulge your thirst.


Thirst #1
(July 2014)