220 pages
ISBN: 0983644993

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Giant apes, detective chimps, astronauts, and missing links collide in APESHIT, a primate-themed anthology from the publishers of Big Pulp magazine. This collection begins with the story of a winged monkey who sets off to find adventure and follow his true nature, and concludes with a tale of apes who run the world. Along the way, monkeys meet presidents and write novels, support America’s space program and help the disabled, go to war and fall in love.

"Mac and Steve" by Terry Alexander
"Fascination" by Mike Berger
"Monkey House" by Mike Bogart
"Empire Statement" by David S. Briggs
"Monkey Business" by Cecelia Chapman
"Unabashedly, Eduardo.v by Julie Mark Cohen
"The Great Gertie" by Caroline Cormack
"Meanwhile, Back at the Lab"; "Ham’s Poem" by John Grey
"Kong, Still Conscious, Reflects on His Visit to New York" by Jimmy Grist
"Gorilla"; "My Darling, The Gorilla"; "Gorilla Girl" by Christine Hamm
"Wonderland by Night" by Sarah Hilary
"No Monkeys in Monkeytown" by DeAnna Knippling
"The Lost Apes" by Viktor Kowalski
"Evolution Happens" by Rebecca McFarland Kyle
"If An Infinite Number of Monkeys…" by Pete McArdle
"The Gibbon Remedy" by Kristen McHenry
"Test 17" by Jessica McHugh
"The Taste of Gold" by Bernie Mojzes
"The Hound Dogs in the Bougainvillea" by Lon Prater
"Monkey Business" by Frank Roger
"Superior/Inferior"; "An Ode to Ham" by James William Frederick Rowe
"Strange Companions at London Zoo" by Carrie Ryman
"The Man Who Brought the Monkeys" by Henry Sane
"Case of the Accursed Amulet" by Timothy Sayell
"Monkey See, Monkey Do" by Frank R. Sjodin
"Back Story"; "Bigfoot Takes a Lover"; "Singing In Place" by Beth Ann Spencer
"The Last Winged Monkey" by Michael D. Turner
"The Coaling Station" by Ian Welke
"Dilemma" by Cheryl Elaine Williams