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the purloined pearl

Big Pulp Summer 2012: The Purloined Pearl

Big Pulp: The Purloined Pearl
Summer 2012
218 pages
ISBN: 0983644934

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A young fisherman steals a dragon's pearl for his lover, unaware of the toll their avarice will take on all they hold dear, in James Penha's Indonesian folk tale "The Purloined Pearl."

In total, this issue features:

"The Purloined Pearl" by James Penha
"The Slaves Of Cortagne" by James F. W. Rowe
"A Good Eye" by Beth Cato

"The Summer Mr. H Drove Alex Santillanas Around" by Jen Conley
"There Was Something We Didn’t See In The Dark" by Thomas Gunzig (Edward Gauvin, translator)
"Aunt Anika’s Unicorn Horn" by Anna Sykora
"The Queer Quintet or The Secret Of The Chateau Specter" by David Cybulski

"A Box Full Of Midnight" by Tony Haynes
"Mercer’s Ghost" by Milo James Fowler
"Heart Of A Pirate" by Shannon Schuren

"The Panic Cell" by John Davies
"The Devil’s Cousinv by Libby Cudmore
"In A Graveyard" by Joanna M. Weston
"Career Calling" by Chanté McCoy
"Deep Flux" by Jason Radak

Science Fiction
"Pluto’s Lament" by Bruce Golden
"Uvlechenie" by DeAnna Knippling
"Witness The Ice Maker" by Harri B. Cradoc
"Dates And The Desert" by Elizabeth Barrette
"Navigation Of Memory" by Elizabeth Barrette
"Astropolisv by Elizabeth Barrette
"Field Study" by Jeffrey Caminsky
"Above Snakes" by John Medaille
"The Angelfish" by Ian D. Smith

"Ayo 1" by Adam Miller
"First Up" by Aliya Whiteley
"Jenny" by Andrew McLinden
"Upon Reflection" by Wayne Scheer