Spring 2013:
Within the Rain Zone by Changming Yuan
My Wife Has Black Hair by Tim Lieder
Less than Three but No More than Two by Alison Downs
Buddies by Wayne Scheer

Winter 2012:
Flying Objects by Walter Giersbach
The Complete Works of Ellery Queen by Emanuele Pettener (Tom DiSalvo, translator)

Fall 2012:
Not for Long by Cecelia Chapman
Moonlight Night
by Lyn Lifshin
The Fix
& Widow in Red by J.M. Sirrico
His Last Wrong Turn by Adam Walter

Summer 2012:
Ayo 1 by Adam Miller
First Up by Aliya Whiteley
Jenny by Andrew McLinden
Upon Reflection by Wayne Scheer

Spring 2012 Edition:
No Strings Attached by T.N. Collie
Nothing Can Bring Back The Hour by Skyler Hamilton Burris
Adult Things by Robyn Ritchie
Romantic Movie by Tim Lieder

Winter 2011 Edition:
Interrogate My Heart Instead by Elaheh Steinke
What Blooms In Winter by Marsheila Rockwell
Double Prints
by Bruce Millar
Tears In The River
by Django Mathijsen

Fall 2011 Edition:
Sensitive Ice by Keyan Bowes
A Kiss and Makeup by Shannon Schuren
Struck by Lightning by Michael D. Turner
Misunderstood Identity by Walter Giersbach

Winter 2010 Edition
Every Time's The First by Sarah Hilary
Baking With Jane; Lunch With JFK; and Trespass by Sari Krosinsky
How Am I Gonna Play Guitar Now? by Marina Neary
Coals Popped in the Fireplace by Shea McCandless

January 3rd Love by Kenneth Gurney

Online archives:
Conehead by Walter Giersbach
Girl Talk by Walter Giersbach
Li Po At Dinner by Kenneth Pobo
Mending Fences by Rachel Rinehart
Time Shift by Phil Robertson
When Molly The Necrophiliac Went On a Date With Suicide Stanley by Match Ryan
And Now For Something Really Different by Wayne Scheer

It Might As Well Be Me by Helen Silverstein
Stains by Michael D. Turner
Untitled by Edward Wells
The Cherry Flower: A Parallel Poem by Changming Yuan

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