Winter 2011 Featured Story:
Interrogate My Heart Instead
by Elaheh Steinke

ROMANCE: What Blooms In Winter by Marsheila Rockwell; Double Prints by Bruce Millar; Tears In The River by Django Mathijsen

FANTASY: The Cinnamon Forest by Ferdinand Siregar and James Penha; Gregory Finds His Way by Jenny Gumpertz; Voice of the Witch: Tempting Gretl; by Neesa Sunar; The Daimyo's Harigata by James R. Stratton

MYSTERY: A Thug Like Me by Greg Lee; Watching You by Bill Boslego; Woman in White by Michael Bracken; Beauty and the Punchline by Jason Ridler

ADVENTURE: The Battle of Hutchinson's Crossroads by Chris J. Peterson; In the Nick of Mime by Lee Hammerschmidt; Daddy's Little Girl by Finn Clarke

HORROR: Mrs. Kelly's Aquarium, dream elements from parcel #21, and Beadwork by Kristine Ong Muslim; Last of the Irish Rover by Ian Welke; Murder Knife by Samael Gyre; Knock-Knock by Michael D. Turner

SCIENCE FICTION: Meat Bag by James R. Stratton; Influx Capacitor by Eric Juneau; Spring Rites on Mars and Sleep? by Terrie Leigh Relf; Liver Today, Forget Tomorrow by Shannon Schuren; Saturday Station by Christopher Shearer

Cover illustration by Ken Knudtsen


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