You turned into the convenience store
bought yourself some gum
then off for 12 gallons of gas
at the second pump
Into the giant big box store
stocking up on soup
over to the dry cleaners then
picking up a suit
Later in the hardware store
you said you had to kill some pests
bought up jars of rat poison
just to plan ahead

My client knows you want her dead
She won’t give you the chance
I’ll hit you with this stolen car
As you’re taking out the trash


# # #

Watching You by Bill Boslego
originally published in the Fall 2011 print edition



Bill Boslego is a recent retiree living in the Washington, D.C. area. In addition to writing, he does occasional acting and voiceover work. His poems have appeared in various publications, including Jerry Jazz Musician, Static Movement, and The Literary Burlesque.

For more of Bill's work,
visit his Big Pulp author page


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Purchase books and subscriptions
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