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Murder, Magic, the Macabre

Spring 2012 Edition:
Rat Trap by Barb Siples
No Point If You Don't Believe
and Study For Head Held Up By Spikes by John Grey
Our Mutual Friend by Rochelle Cashdan
Your Wishes Are Granted by Guy Belleranti
Night Bird by John F.D. Taff

Winter 2011 Edition:
Mrs. Kelly's Aquarium, dream elements from parcel #21, and Beadwork by Kristine Ong Muslim
Last of the Irish Rover by Ian Welke
Murder Knife
by Samael Gyre
Knock-Knock by Michael D. Turner

Fall 2011 Edition:
Aboard the Lady Maria by Jennifer Povey
Virgin Sacrifice
by Michael D. Turner
Parker/Jesse by Jonathan Golden
Paying For It by Ed Kratz
By Association by Philip Roberts
The Annual Scarecrow Festival and Lodger in the Ripper's Room by John Davies

Winter 2010 Edition
Ted Bundy's Beetle by Jarrid Deaton
Snuff by Tim Lieder
Life in Miniature by Tracie McBride
Vamp Squad by Jeremy Ryan

Online archives:
Quit These Hills by Peter Anderson
Suck-U-Bus by Garry J. Beharry
The House Next Door by Patricia La Barbera
Dinner Plate
by Patricia La Barbera
Lepers by Keyan Bowes
Splatter Art by Donald Conrad

Kenna's Song by Betsy Dornbusch
She'll Be Right by Steff Green
The Old Photograph by John Grey
The Long Walk by Steven Jones
Night of the Were-Duck by David C. Kopaska-Merkel
The Douglas County Statuette by David C. Kopaska-Merkel
The Dangers of Parochial School by Ash Krafton
Wee Robbie by William Meikle
For Sale by David Melody
In Jack's Time by Kristine Ong Muslim
The Invisible Tourists by Kristine Ong Muslim
Resurrection Of A Paper Doll Cutout by Kristine Ong Muslim
Tunnel Vision by Aaron Polson
That Last Margarita by Jennifer Povey
Palestine, IL by Erin Pringle
Smokes by Jeb Reiss
Advice From The Devil's Handbook by Jason Ridler
Suckerpunch by Jason Ridler
First Date by Philip Roberts
Pink Plastic Flamingos by Michael D. Turner
Elvis' Space-Alien Lovechild! by Michael D. Turner
What Smitty Saw by Michael D. Turner

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