by Fraser Sherman

New! Episode Ten: Instrument of Science

Previously in Applied Science: 1954. America has survived a World War and a Martian invasion, but now new threats emerge from within: nuclear mutations, government cover-ups and the dangers of...Applied Science.

Episode Nine: Mayhem Ex Machina: A 40-foot robot on a rampage complicates Steve and Dani's attempt to sort out their relationship.

Episode Eight: Not In Our Stars, But In Ourselves: When Science agent L.G. Walker is framed for murder, he stumbles onto a plot to destroy the U.S.-Soviet space program.

Episode Seven: The Mind That Wanted The World: Science Investigators Gwen Montgomery and Steve Flanagan must figure out whether a rogue scientist has been replaced by an alien carbon copy...or something worse.

Episode Six: Hunting Hidden Faces: The Science Investigations team's search for a saboteur leads them to rogue scientists and clandestine experiments into human cloning.

Episode Five: Blood and Steel: A training exercise goes awry with deadly consequences when a saboteur strikes.

Episode Four: Fire From Space: A space-suited killer test tests the forensic skills of Dr. Danielle Taylor.

Episode Three: The Spider Strikes: A series of giant spider attacks perplex Science Investigator Gwen Montgomery and her new partner, Ray Murdock.

Episode Two: The Claws That Catch: An infestation of intelligent, giant lobster creatures tests the courage and abilities of Dr. Danielle Taylor.

Episode One: Atoms for Peace: The discovery of a half-man/half-lizard corpse draws former OSS agent Gwen Montgomery from retirement to investigate a series of missing persons.

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