The lunch lady calls out her new special—cheese made from assorted fresh brains—and I can't stop hummin; her mesmerizin’ song of “fromage that's so creamy, so scrumptious,

so dreamy, when spread on foccacia or toast…” That quirky lunch lady just launched through our portal, an opera star cracklin’ crystal and ice, and I still can't stop singing—

have the stars all stopped twinklin’, the moons ceased their wrigglin’, as the fog's now liftin’ her wagon away? That Trans-dimensional lunch wagon with its crumbly quark

lady, that trans-stellar culinary fiend, who’ll send your heart reelin’ with incandescent fetes-a-fromage—and you’ll even stop wonderin’ whose brains they once were, as oh—

how she tempts us—but who will protect us—from the loony lunch lady with her Trans-dimensional wagon 'cause word has it she's catering your summit today?

# # #

The Trans-Dimensional Lunch Wagon by Terrie Leigh Relf
originally published January 13, 2010



Terrie Leigh Relf lives in Ocean Beach, which is in San Diego, CA. She is on staff at Sam's Dot Publishing, where she edits Hungur Magazine and The Drabble. Recent releases include Blood Journey, a vampire novel co-authored with Henry Lewis Sanders; The Poet's Workshop--And Beyond; and two poetry collections, Jupiter's Eye and My Friend, The Poet, and Other Poems About People She Thinks She Knows.

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