We chordates,
furry, scaly,
endoskeletal all,
are we extinct?
Marooned by a cheap
imported switch,
time-machine buggering
plastic crap
that I fear
cannot be duplicated here.
This world, hotter,
a place of insects,
strange societies,
gossamer buildings
patinaed in shimmer
sand refraction,
grand vistas from
the top of this tower
swaying in the Santa Ana:
after sundown
a myriad dim glows
flying, mating,
spelling out incantations
in an alphabet of arthropods.
My chemical greeting
but what now to say?

# # #

Dateline: San Diego by David C. Kopaska-Merkel
originally published December 21, 2009



David Kopaska-Merkel describes rocks for the state of Alabama, and publishes Dreams and Nightmares, a magazine of SF and fantasy poetry. Some of David's flash fiction can be found at www.dailycabal.com, and some of his chapbooks are available through spechouseofpoetry.com and genremall.com. With Kendall Evans, David recently published The Tin Men and Other Poems. In 2006, another collaboration with Evans won the Rhysling Award of the Science Fiction Poetry Association. David lives in Alabama with artists and furry layabouts.

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