Fall 2011 Featured Story:
On the Road from Galilee
by James R. Stratton

SCIENCE FICTION: Built for the Kill by Malon Edwards; Nether-Air Ambush by WC Roberts; Luna Springs by Patrick Hurley; My Dumb Summer Job by Jamie Mason

ROMANCE: Sensitive Ice by Keyan Bowes; A Kiss and Makeup by Shannon Schuren; Struck by Lightning by Michael D. Turner; Misunderstood Identity by Walter Giersbach

FANTASY: Blood Tells by Conda Douglas; One Night in Manhattan by Edward Morris; What Happened While Don Was Watching the Game by Floris M. Kleijne

MYSTERY: Flight Risk by Jason Ridler; Virus by Paul Von Hippel

ADVENTURE: Promises by Fred Warren; Thirst by Jens Rushing

HORROR: Aboard the Lady Maria by Jennifer Povey; Virgin Sacrifice by Michael D. Turner; Parker/Jesse by Jonathan Golden; Paying For It by Ed Kratz; By Association by Philip Roberts; The Annual Scarecrow Festival and Lodger in the Ripper's Room by John Davies

Cover illustration by Robert Hand

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