Fall 2012 Featured Story:
We Honor Those Who Serve
by Steve Singleman

SCIENCE FICTION: The Pawn's Dancers by Conda V. Douglas; For Now, However, the Dragons Have Free Reign by Sharon Kae Reamer; Family Album by WC Roberts; Job Posting by Stephen D. Rogers

ROMANCE: Not for Long by Cecelia Chapman; Moonlight Night by Lyn Lifshin; The Fix & Widow in Red by J.M. Sirrico; His Last Wrong Turn by Adam Walter

FANTASY: The Widow by John Hayes; Dragons 101 by Trina Jacobs; Honey Bee by Anna Sykora

MYSTERY: The Five and Dime Sinners by Coy Hall; The Albino Dies by Tim Lieder; The Body in the Basement by D.R. Rice; Caller ID by Nelson Kingfisher

HORROR: Thaw by Thomas Canfield; eROTic by Jeni Decker; Return to Nature by Dylan Gilbert; Gray by Jeff Hemenway; Trick or Treat by Floris Kleijne; The Steerage by Lyn Lifshin; Dental Scam & Neighborhood Watch by Terrie Leigh Relf; Setting the Table by Neil Weston

Cover illustration by Ken Knudtsen
Back Cover: Blue House by Christopher Woods


This feature and more great
fiction & poetry are available in
Big Pulp Fall 2012:
We Honor Those Who Serve

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Purchase books and subscriptions
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