Summer 2012 Featured Story:
The Purloined Pearl
by James Penha

FANTASY: The Slaves of Cortagne by James Frederick William Rowe; A Good Eye by Beth Cato

MYSTERY: The Summer Mr. H Drove Alex Santillanas Around by Jen Conley; There Was Something We Didn't See In The Dark by Thomas Gunzig (Edward Gauvin, translator); Aunt Annika's Unicorn Horn by Anna Sykora; The Queer Quintet or The Case Of The Chateau Specter by David Cybulski

ADVENTURE: A Box Full of Midnight by Tony Haynes; Mercer's Ghost by Milo James Fowler; Heart Of A Pirate by Shannon Schuren

HORROR: The Panic Cell by John Davies; The Devil’s Cousin by Libby Cudmore; In A Graveyard by Joanna M. Weston; Career Calling by Chanté McCoy; Deep Flux by Jason Radak

SCIENCE FICTION: Pluto’s Lament by Bruce Golden; Uvlechenie by DeAnna Knippling; Witness The Ice Maker by Harri B. Cradoc; Dates And The Desert, Navigation Of Memory, & Astropolis by Elizabeth Barrette; Field Study by Jeffrey Caminsky; Above Snakes by John Medaille; The Angelfish by Ian D. Smith

ROMANCE: Ayo 1 by Adam Miller; First Up by Aliya Whiteley; Jenny by Andrew McLinden; Upon Reflection by Wayne Scheer

Cover illustration by Pete Schmitt

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